We are a students’ under the computer science department, Egerton University. We aim to provide students with the much needed practical skills and knowledge of the tools and technologies being used to build solutions in the outside school. Most students enrolled in computer science do know what computer science is about and that is a shame.Working together with the department we help students know what computer science is about, what are the job prospects and how to get up and started with various technologies and skills.


When new students join the department give them a brief overview of what they should expect for the four years they are at the school and also introduce them to the association and its activities.We hold weekly Friday meetups called TECH FRIDAYS , we meet for two hours and share new skills, hold discussions or conduct some training.This meeting is important because students of different levels meet and interact freely sometimes over a cup of coffee. We also offer modules to both members and non members where for a small fee an experienced student tutors those interested for six weeks on a particular skill or technology.We use the funds to manage the association. But most of our activities do not require members and non members to pay anything.

We hold hackathons like our annual STARTUP hackathon where members in groups compete in coming up with a business idea involving tech and make a prototype overnight.Members of all levels and skills team up and work together increasing their knowledge and abilities. We have been increasing the number and types of hackathon we hold.We also host programming and design competitions

EUCOSSA has great alumni who come back to share their experiences after graduation and gice guidance to those still in school.Our alumni are a key part of out association and we really appreciate them.

We also work very closely with Developer Students Club to offer training to students not necessarily computer science students on web ,android and cloud.Then we look for problems around Egerton that can be solved using technology and build a solution.We also participate in Google Developers Group and WomenTechMakers events actively.